Grand Union Flag - Wooden American Patriot Signature

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Grand Union Flag - Wooden American Patriot Signature

The Grand Union Flag is the fist American Flag. This wood flag was first raised by American Patriot, John Paul Jones. Rustic Wooden and featuring the Etherton Woodworking Process™

Hardware: Hanging hardware included (hand crafted french cleat)

NOTE: This is a “rustic” flag design. It is supposed to have minor imperfections. In the way Dolly Madison ran back into the White House, during the fire of 1812, to grab the only known painting of George Washington off the wall. It’s battle worn, it’s been burned, bloodied, torn, soiled. It has been ripped to pieces and placed back together again. It’s flawed and imperfect...yet it still stands.

Made in the USA by USMC Veteran - Semper Fi