EXTREME! Battlefield Worn - Americana Signature Wood USA Flag

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EXTREME! Battlefield Worn - Americana LIMITED EDITION (signature series) wooden American Flag 

LIMITED EDITION! The average man couldn't handle this flag. Can You?! 

This is not your normal run of the mill flag. The Battlefield Worn flags have literally been put through hell. 

Stained with the blood of our enemies. Marked up, burnt, beat up, torn, ripped, rough, rugged...pissed off!

If vikings were a flag, THIS would be it. This flag is not for the fancy pants among us. It’s for the American Born, American Bred, Pissed-Off lovers of Liberty.

"Out of every one-hundred men, Ten shouldn't be there, Eighty are just targets, Nine are the real fighters, And we are lucky to have them, For they make the battle, Ah, but the ONE, One is a warrior, And he will bring the others back." -- Heraclitus 

Our EXTREME! Battlefield Worn - Limited Edition Americana wooden flag, has been pounded with cannon balls from pirates out to sea. Ripped and Clawed out of the mud and gunk of the trenches of our enemies land. She fought on until the last man was able to come back home. Flying high by the breath of all who fought for and love freedom. 

From the frozen chosen to the trenches of our enemies. Set sail against the Pirates of Tripoli, spilled the blood of those who stood against freedom. From Vietnam to Korea, from D-Day to Iraq. From the blackened sands of Iwo Jima all the way to Pearl Harbor. Liberating the Philippine Islands and freeing the captives of hate and evil. My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty. One nation under God.

(Note: each “Battlefield Worn” - Signature Series flag is slightly different but similar in color, shade and style. One of a kind, works of art.)

The woods that we use are harvested in the U.S.A.

Hardware: Hanging hardware included (hand crafted french cleat)

NOTE: This is a “rustic” flag design. It is supposed to have minor imperfections. In the way Dolly Madison ran back into the White House, during the fire of 1812, to grab the only known painting of George Washington off the wall. It’s battle worn, it’s been burned, bloodied, torn, soiled. It has been ripped to pieces and placed back together again. It’s flawed and imperfect...yet it still stands.

Made in the USA by USMC Veteran - Semper Fi