(L) - 40” x 24” Wooden American Flag Americana Vivid Carved

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(L) - 40” x 24” Wooden American Flag Americana Vivid Carved

Americana Series of flags has a very subtle burn pattern. This is very popular for those who prefer a little less char and a little MORE red, white and blue! It’s classic traditional Americana!! 

Each star is hand carved, and it is sealed prior to assembly for a timeless finish. Things of quality have no fear of time. This flag is made by hand to ensure it will last for generations. 


Includes a custom made french cleat on the back of the flag so it has everything included to hang on your wall.

Proudly display your love for America  in your home or business with our Hand Carved Charred CLASSIC American Flag Size: 40” X 24” X 2”

Hardware: Hanging hardware included (hand crafted french cleat)

NOTE: This is a “rustic” flag design. It is supposed to have minor imperfections. In the way Dolly Madison ran back into the White House in 1812 to grab the only known painting of George Washington off the wall. It’s battle worn, it’s been burned, bloodied, torn, soiled. It has been ripped to pieces and placed back together again. It’s flawed and imperfect...yet it still stands.

 Made in the USA by USMC Veteran - Semper Fi