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Etherton Hardwoods makes Flags of Valor Wooden American Rustic Wall Art Veteran Owned Business

USMC Veteran Owned Business - Rustic Wood Flag and Signs Handcrafted by Veterans with PTSD at the Freedom Factory at Etherton Hardwoods in Worden, IL. Military Style Apparel - Custom Graphic Tees, T-Shirts and other American Made - USA Veteran Loved - Clothes and other gifts for Patriots and Freedom Lovers of America.

Our primary workforce are Veterans with PTSD. We are proud to hire and help these heroes with the transition from military life and help integrate them back into society. We have found that woodworking is therapeutic for them, and we are having great success. When at first these Vets with PTSD were having trouble holding down jobs and fitting into public places. Now, they hold full time jobs, pay their taxes and are productive members of the community again. They also love that they still get to serve their county…by making Wooden American Flags and other fun products that are Made in the USA. What started as an idea the family garage has now grown into the 2nd largest Wooden American Flag manufacturer in America! Our Freedom Factory Workers at Etherton Hardwoods in Worden, IL are hardworking Patriots and Freedom loversAmerican Workers matter. American Jobs matter. Veterans with PTSD and First Responders matter! 

Did you know that every day in the United States that over 22 Veterans with PTSD will commit suicide? Thank you for helping us reduce that number with your purchase and support. Do you know who else matters? YOU matter! Know, that YOU matter to us and YOU are loved. We are proud to know you and hope to become your friend. If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, you can call us, 618-669-0038 We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we just want you to know that WE CARE!

America is still the greatest country in the World, and we believe her best days are yet to come. When you buy a product from Etherton Hardwoods you are helping support Local Businesses, American Workers, USA Jobs, Veterans with PTSD, First Responders and more. 

We are also pleased to provide a safe place for school children to come and learn how to work with their hands so they can continue the tradition of Making America Great Again. When schools began to cut funding to the Arts and Shop Classes. We saw a need where Etherton Hardwoods could help. Schools on one day a week and bring those interested and they work with our Freedom Factory veterans with PTSD and learn to use the tools and work with and love wood and American Made products. We are not seeking or looking for a pat on the back. What we can is to let you know, all of this only happens because you cared enough to shop local and support American Workers and USA jobs. We thank you. 

It would also be an honor to earn your support. Need a custom wood flag for a gift, birthday, Christmas Present, or Father’s Day…..just ask us. Our favorite word is, YES! We can also help you with custom t-shirts for your next group event or fundraiser. There are no minimum quantities, and our graphic design service is free. We can handle any wholesale quantity from 20 to 20,000. Most custom items can be delivered anywhere in the United States in custom packaging ready for retail sale or direct shipments to your customer. How about a custom handcrafted CARVED wood flag or sign for your office wall or home decor? 

Thank you again for your prayers and continued support. 

Semper Fidelis


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Etherton Hardwoods makes Flags of Valor Wooden American Flags Veteran Owned Business Fast Shipping Rustic Carved Stars