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VIVID Lady Liberty - Flag Style

Rustic Wooden American Flag VIVID Lady Liberty Wood Flags USMC Veteran Owned Business Carved Stars

Our VIVID Rustic Wood Flag features a very slow burn over the grain of the face of the woods. The grain is then hand rubbed to seal in the character of the grain pattern. When the light shines upon this wooden VIVID flag the colors change and its like watching the sunset as the last rays of light fight to be shown. The gorgeous colors in all their glory demand to be seen. The light breeze, the sweet smell of rain in the air. That certain look or glance. It is a moment in time that you can relive everyday. This American Flag Art display's perfectly in any home decor. Yes, it could be amazing above any fireplace. It can compliment your favorite Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor. Timeless, breathless, its a million sunsets all bundled into one glorious hand-crafted Wooden American Flag. Like all of the Wall Art that Etherton Hardwoods creates, it is only fitting that it has Carved Stars.

We never use "spray paint" or cheap "glued on Stars". There is no substitution between the Veteran Made Fags that we make.  Etherton Hardwoodsdemands that only the finest American sourced materials are used. The colors are from a "secret" proprietary hand mixed stain. The secret has been passed down through the generations. There is no other wood flag that is like anything Etherton Hardwoods creates. Details matter. Quality matters.

The American Flag represents each and every one of us who believe in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That is, those who love freedom. The United States of American is still that shinning city that sits on a hill. Shinning in all her glory to Light the world. To make a dark and gloomy world have hope and believe that our best days are still yet to come. Every wooden flag can be custom engraved (carved). We can carve your logo or ANY logo on the flag. Just ask us. 

When you buy your Wooden USA Flag from the USMC Veteran artists at Etherton Hardwoods. You are supporting the Great American Worker. American Jobs Matter! You are also supporting a small family Veteran Owned Manufacturing Business. The American Dream is alive and well, if you are willing to work for it. It is our honor to serve your. Thank you for visiting with us today. We hope we can earn your business. Please contact us with any questions. Our favorite work is YES! Semper Fidelis.

USMC veteran founded Etherton Hardwoods. Veterans charities and vets matter! Thank you for supporting American Made rustic hand carved wooden USA Flags.

Wooden American Flags made by, USMC Veteran Owned, Etherton Hardwoods.
Made in the U.S.A.
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312 E Wall St
Worden, IL 62097
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