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Amazing and Beautiful

This American Flag with the United States AirForce logo was absolutely beautiful
When I have this to my husband, he was speechless and he was so surprised and said this was the best gift ever

Amazing Work Of Art

The flag my Dad received is so beautiful! I can't even describe how awesome the quality is and the pictures don't do it justice! These pieces are truly beautiful works of art! A statement piece that will be passed from generation to generation.

ADD High Gloss Shine Finish
Alex S. (Minneapolis, US)
Light it Up

Love my Etherton Hardwoods Flag - Looks great lit up at night

Wicked Quick!

Fastest shipping I’ve experienced lately! Being a small business myself I appreciate how quickly I received my item!

ADD Outdoor Finish
Hiett (Corrales, US)

So far theOutdoor Finish has held up under the hot NewMexico sun. People who have seen the flag are very impressed! I’d give it 10stars.

Proud Supporter of Veterans

I felt great joy purchasing these products knowing I was supporting a great cause and veterans. The only thing I would suggest changing is offering a 50/50 cotton/poly option of T-shirt with a modern fit.

Donation to Voices and Votes .org - Your Support Matters!

These are the best carved flags I've seen.

These flags are the most solid, beautiful, crafted flags that I've purchased. I've purchased another that was custom and its just the BEST. I plan on getting more in due time. Not tomorrow but by the end of the year I'll be back. Really amazing work and I really really really mean it. *Pictured is the other custom one I purchased too.

VIVID SERIES Rustic Charred Wooden American Flag - Carved Stars

Signature Patriot Wooden American Flag - Carved Stars

Real Art

Purchased 4 flag art pieces. My son n Marine buddy very impressed with craftsmanship. More valuable than Biden’s “art”.

Beautiful Flag artwork!

I found Etherton Flags online displaying some of the beautiful Custom wooden Flags!
I bought one with We the People engraved on it and the Betsy Ross flag with 45 in the center of the circle of stars flag Betsy Ross made. It also has Pledge of Allegiance engraved. These people are very talented!
The flags are a compliment to any room inside and they are weather proof so you can chance hanging them outside your home. I opted for inside because of how much they mean to me as a AMERICAN!
They are made weather proof so if you live outside the city limits and your neighborhood is safe I’d put at least one outside!
I would certainly consider buying a couple for your own enjoyment!

We love the flag you made for us and our neighbors like how it looks on our front porch 😀

Beautiful flag and beautiful vets that make them.

This beautiful Betsy Ross “45” American flag is hanging in my hallway as you enter my house. It is one of my favorite pieces. I love it! I will get another one from this company in the future. It’s American made and made by American vets. You couldn’t get a better deal than this. It’s hand made and it is just a great honor to not only to buy it ( helping our great vets) but to hang it in my house. Every patriot in this country should have at least one flag made from this company. They have so many different ones to choose from. This is the perfect item to not only show your love of country but for our great, brave vets who put their lives on the line for our protection. I thank you Etherton Hardwoods, and all the veterans that are involved in these fantastic flags! May all of you and your families find peace and prosperity for your sacrifce. American vets are the BEST!

Perfect gift

It was the split Naval and US flag. Absolutely perfect for my father who is a Vietnam vet of the US Navy. Perfectly painted, smooth finish, amazing hand carved stars. Fantastic work. Looks beautiful!

The Tee was all I expected. A well fit and comfortable shirt
Many thanks for everything!

Best flag of all time

Extremely high-quality an extremely beautiful, I got a complement every time somebody comes over

Nice t-shirt and graphics… think should have ordered one size larger.

PS. Ordered a second t-shirt and a wooden flag, still have not received…


We purchased your awesome art 2 years ago and have it on the front of our house in Dayton Ohio. We have awesome compliments all the time, as it goes perfect with our mohagany shutters. It is truly a work of art. Thank you for your product!

Good service

Thank you for helping our flag is in main hallway for everyone to see. We get compliments all the time.

Best flag ever

Was exactly what we were looking for in our home. It was a unique piece and stands out.

Rustic American Flag

I am very pleased with the rustic American flag I ordered from Etherton Hardwoods. The wood is good quality and the finished product is lovely. I highly recommend their wooden flags and they make great gifts. Ordering from Etherton is a wonderful way to say “ thank you “ to our veterans.

Great looking American flag

The quality was top notch.

Awesome Flag

My friends are totally stunned by the quality of my flag. A patriotic work of art.
Thanks for all the effort and pride y’all put into my Betsy Ross flag.

It’s my fav!!

This flag is exactly as advertised and much much more!!
This flag makes a statement every time someone comes into my home! It’s also a conversion piece! Worth every cent!!