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Podcast Media Supporters

Thank you to the following Podcasts for supporting the mission of Etherton Hardwoods and helping us to give a hand-up to Veterans with PTSD. Semper Fidelis.



Hosted by Atlanta talk radio host and Army veteran, Mark Zinno

Hazard Ground Podcast

Every week, Hazard Ground brings together servicemembers from across the military, to share their accounts of combat and survival, and deliver inspirational stories of service and resilience from those who have fought on and off the battlefield!

Podcast by Kyle Thompson

Undaunted.Life: A Man's Podcast

Undaunted.Life produces content specifically designed for the rugged Christian looking for ways to improve as a man. The men that consume our content stand ready to push back spiritual and cultural darkness. We will seek the Lion of Judah. Let's get into it...

BUTG Podcast with Kean

Build Upon The Good podcast

The Build Upon The Good podcast is a show where Kean interviews guests about what kind of legacy they hope to leave.

From celebrities to every day people, guests open up about what "good" they hope to pass down to the next generation and what led them to that desire.

hosted by Dr. Jason Piccolo

The Protectors Podcast

The Protectors Podcast™ is hosted by Dr. Jason Piccolo, a 22-year federal agent, and military veteran.

Jason interviews guests from best-selling authors to military heroes to every day "protectors". Protectors, they run toward danger.