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Nobody Makes Wooden American Flags like USMC Veteran Owned Etherton Hardwoods. Highest Quality Wood Flags Guaranteed. Made by Veterans with PTSD because Vets and American Jobs still matter.

Col. Glenn D. Frazier and Rob Etherton

Bataan Death March POW Survivor

Col. Frazier was a POW in Japan for three long years during World War II. He wrote the bestselling book, Hell's Guest, about his experiences having survived the horrors of the Japanese Prison Camps. During the Bataan Death March the POW's were forced to walk over 70 miles without food or being allowed to stop to rest. Many didn't survive. Rob Etherton, the Founder/CEO of Etherton Hardwoods had the opportunity and honor to spend quality time with Col Frazier, near his home in Alabama. His book is still available anywhere books are sold. His account is considered by many to be the foremost account ever written about the Bataan Death March. Col. Frazier went home to be with the Lord in November of 2018. The stories of this highly decorated American Hero live on. He will be missed, but we will see him again someday. If you get a chance please checkout his book, its a must read for anyone who appreciates American History. Rest easy, my friend. Semper Fidelis.

War Hero / POW Survior

3,000 POW's Did Not Survive the Bataan Death March

The story of Col. Glenn Frazier during World War II is what Veterans Day and Memorial Day is all about. In the 1940s, world events took the life of a 16-year-old South Alabama country boy and turned him into a war hero. But first he had to live through four months of fighting in a losing effort to save the Philippine island of Luzon from the Japanese, the 90-mile and six-day Bataan Death March, and three years of torture and struggle in Japanese prisoner of war camps. Etherton Hardwoods makes the World Famous Wooden American Flags in memory of Col. Frazier and all who have served our great country. And especially to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of all who are free in the United States.