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What does the Thin Blue Line mean?

Posted by Etherton Hardwoods on Feb 10, 2021

What does the Thin Blue Line mean?
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What is the Thin Blue Line Flag?

This is a question that we are often asked and it is important to understand the history and meaning behind, the Thin Blue Line flag.

The Thin Blue Line Flag is a symbol of support for our local Police Officers. Our local Police Officers get up each morning and put their lives on the line in order to keep our communities safe. The Blue Line is used because blue is the traditional color of most these brave officers’ uniforms. Also, blue is the color of the flashing lights mounted atop of their patrol vehicles when an officer is in an emergency situation. Blue is also the color that represents Justice for all, Freedom for all, Bravery of those called to serve and solidarity of teamwork or brotherhood to ensure each and every one of us can live in peace.

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The Thin Blue Line reminds us all of the sacrifices that our brave police officers do for us all each and every day. If you have ever been the victim of a crime, it was that brave officer who was first there to offer support and protection. Late at night, after a horrible accident, it is our brave boys in Blue who knock on your door to give you news about your loved one. When a bad guy is breaking the law in your neighborhood, it is the brave police officer who put themself at risk of injury or even death, so peace can be restored.

The Thin Blue Line also stands as a symbol of honor for those brave police officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. The Thin Blue Line stands as a Living Memorial to honor these officers who laid down their lives so that our communities can we a safe and peaceable place for our families. In a school shooting, for example, while the bad guys bullets are flying around them, they bravely are the first to enter to restore order.

The Thin Blue Line flag can be displayed in our home as a show of support for these brave men and women who put on the blue uniform each day so we can be assured of peace and safely.

The Thin Blue Line flag can be displayed as a Memorial at a fallen Police Officers funeral or graveside service.

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The Thin Blue Line flag can be given to a Police Officer on the special occasion of their retirement or promotion. Not only does it acknowledge the officers loyal service to the community, but it is displayed as a badge of honor. Not only for the officer’s service but also for those who came and served before them.

The Thin Blue Line concept can trace its history all the way back to 1854. It was the British army regiment who first carried a Thin Line flag. In the first instance it was a Thin Red Line flag that these displayed in the famous, Crimean War. The Scottish Highlanders, who wore red styled uniforms into battle and in this military campaign they defeated the Russian cavalry attack.

In modern times, the phrase, Thin Blue Line was first known to be used in the United States of America in 1911. N.D. Anderson published a poem entitled, The Thin Blue Line. In this famous poem, N.D. Anderson was referencing the US Army’s blue uniforms in battle. It was later carried forward to reference the modern day police officers uniform color of blue.

(a poem by N.D. Anderson from 1911)
The thin, blue line that falters not,
 Though wavering like a fluttering veil
Beneath the sun so burning hot,
 Shall it forget, that never forgot,
 The flag whose stars can never pale
Out of that sky whose bend of blue
Is one triumphant arch and grand
Where marches under warriors, who,
 Returning from the thin, blue line,
 Bring honors for their native land,
And trophies for her Freedom's shrine.
 The thin, blue line that fights for right,
That never bends the knee to might,
 Has ever since it knew God's light
Fought dark Oppression in his lair,
 And routed Wrong from valleys fair,
 Sweet Peace and Plenty leaving there.
 O God! The thin, blue line is Thine;
 The man behind the gun is Thine;
 They’ve left their labors and their kine:
 The old, bowed man, the youth, the boy,
Have left the implement and toy:
 Because their Father called them then—
O God, the thin, blue line of fighting men!
The thin, blue line that falters not,
 Though wavering like the wind-tossed cloud,
 Beneath the death-cold sun forgot,
 Cries forth its battle-slogan proud,
 Nor shivers fearful of its lot.
 Let not Ambition on thy dead
Rear palaces of pride to man;
 Let not thy blood, for Freedom shed,
 Enslave the darker-minded clan;
 Shall Nations laud to Heaven high
The man who used thee for their death?
 Shall all thy warriors turn and die
At Greed's mere beck, or Emperor's breath?
 No, never shall of thee be said:
 “The thin, blue line is hired to slay.”
The flag that waves above thy head
Has never yet been borne astray;
 The honored tomb is wide for thee—
 It’s better thou should die than a foul be!
 The thin, blue line that falters not—
God's vengeance on thy Captains be!
 Have they their fathers’ wrongs forgot,
 To hunt their brothers’ liberty?
 All men are equal born, those held;
 Shall these, the lesser, then in vain
Hold all their fathers made so plain,
 And seek the slaver's chains to weld?
God's vengeance on thy Captains be,
 If they hold not their murderous hands!
 The wilder race loves liberty,
 Leave then to them their native lands.
 Give back, give back, shall be the cry
A million mothers’ grief-wrung hearts
Shall ask of you when none knows why
The thin, blue line the heathen starts
And forces it to give or die.
 For know defeat is for the wrong,
 Though they who fight may never know,
 But go with laughter and with song
Because their Captains tell them so.

In the 1950’s Bill Parker, the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, used the symbol of the Thin Blue Line flag to represent his reforms of the modern police department. The Thin Blue Line grew in popularity to honor our Police Officers in the following years and decades.

In the same way that, Old Glory, our great American Flag stands as a symbol of Freedom to the American people and the bold and brave sacrifices that bore the birth of our great Republic. The flags that display the Thin Blue Line also stands as a symbol of Honor and Sacrifice to our great Law Enforcement Officers. It is these officers who help to keep the peace from sea to shinning sea.

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