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312 E. WALL ST
WORDEN, IL 62097

Monday - Saturday: 9am to 7pm
Sunday: closed.
Our SIGNATURE SERIES of flags we use our secret Etherton Woodworking Process™ . This process is done by hand and when completed raises the grain of the wood. Also, makes the wood naturally resistant to fire, insects and water. 
Our VIVID SERIES of flags has a very intense burn pattern but this style holds the shine. If you like a flag with a high gloss shine, this is a great choice for you. If you want a little less or more char, just add that in the note section when you are placing your order. We love customizing our rustic wooden American flags for our friends. 
Our AMERICANA SERIES of flags the red stripes are red AND the other stripes are white in color. This series can be added to the signature flags (raised grain woodworking technique) or it can be added to the Vivid flags (smooth wood surface with very light char). Some people prefer the natural grain look, some people prefer a darker or lighter char look and others like a combination of everything. WE CAN DO THAT. That's Americana! 

We know you have lots of choices where to shop. We are truly thankful for you and your support. We are grateful for you. When you purchase products and services from Etherton Hardwoods you are buying, Made in the USA! 

We are so proud to have been founded by a United States Marine Corps veteran. We employ and support our veterans and a variety of vet charities. 

 Semper Fidelis!

(always faithful)


Etherton Hardwoods™ LLC

312 E Wall St
Worden IL 62097

[email protected]