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Etherton Hardwoods - World Famous Wooden American Flags - USMC Veteran Owned Business - Made in the USA

 Etherton Hardwoods doesn’t just make Wood Flags. We make the, “The World’s Finest Wooden American Flags”.

Everyday in the United States of America over 22 Veterans with PTSD will commit suicide. When you purchase a Wood Flag from Etherton Hardwoods you are helping to support Veterans with PTSD. We are proud of our manufacturing team of Vets with PTSD. We call our manufacturing facility, the Freedom Factory. Etherton Hardwoods was founded by a USMC Veteran. What started out as an idea in the family garage has grown into the second largest wooden flag manufacturer in America. Etherton Hardwoods is proud to provide over 25 full and part-time jobs.

The bulk of our workforce is veterans with PTSD. All of our workers are proud American Patriots, who take great pride with every Wood Flag that we make. The mission of Etherton Hardwoods is to lift up and encourage our great veterans with PTSD. We have found that woodworking is therapeutic for those who suffer from PTSD. We are patient with them. While at first they have a hard time being around large crowds or loud noises. We are able to work them on a flexible shift to better acclimate them back into the workforce. After a short adjustment period, these warriors are able work a full shift and become a productive member of society again. Working hard, paying taxes and serving their country again, in another way, by making Wood Flags of the United States. You see its personal for us. As veterans who wore our nations uniform the wooden American Flags that we make represent everything that our great country stands for. The wood flags we make are made in memory of everyone who has paid the ultimate sacrifice. Each wood flag is handcrafted with care, by those who love America the most…our veterans.

Veterans with PTSD Matter! It is our focus to rebuild, support and offer a hand-up to these warriors. Our factory is a Teaching Facility. You don’t have to have prior woodworking abilities when we hire a Veteran with PTSD. We will teach and educate as we are building our wood flags. We are proud to sponsor local schools who have give-up or in many cases cancelled Shop or Woodworking Classes. As a Teaching Factory, this allows us the opportunity to work with these schools and educators to have their interested students come to our shop and learn the trade of woodworking. We educate them on the history of America and our great founding fathers. The story and history behind each of our wooden American flags is important. We believe the American Dream is still alive and well and open for all who seek it. If you work hard, it’s available for everyone. We can offer those schools who no longer have Shop Classes to allow their students to work in our shop on certain days/times each week. The student learns to work with their hands and develops valuable job skills that is still needed in the workforce. It is possible many of these students could earn full-time jobs at Etherton Hardwoods, or maybe earn a college scholarship.

You see, when you buy a wood flag from Etherton Hardwoods, you are not just getting the finest Wooden American Flag, but you are supporting so much more.

We know you have lots of choices where to shop. We are truly thankful for you and your support. We are grateful for you. When you purchase products and services from us you are buying, Made in the USA! You can use the “Message Us” chat button (toward bottom of page) to send us any original Artwork, logos or designs you would like carved onto your rustic wooden charred American flag. We LOVE to personalizes our flags for your military retirement or first responders retirement gifts.

We absolutely love getting photos and stories back from our customers. If a mistake was made, we will make it right. If you loved your new custom carved rustic charred wooden American flag let us know. (We love hearing from you, our friends.) We freely admit we are not perfect, but we strive to be. God bless you and may God continue to bless our great country.

Semper Fidelis! (always faithful)

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USMC Veteran Owned Etherton Hardwoods makes Wooden American Flags in the USA and has very fast shipping