Charred Wooden American Flags Rustic Home Decor - 50” x 30” Wood Flags

Charred Wooden American Flags by Etherton Hardwoods - Size (2XL) 50" x 30"

Every Rustic Wood Flag features Hand Carved Stars by USMC Veteran Owned Etherton Hardwoods. 100% Made in the USA by American Workers in Worden, IL

The 50" Size wood flags are one of the post popular size wooden US flags that Etherton Hardwoods handcrafts. Each Charred Wooden American Flag that Etherton Hardwoods manufactures is special and unique. Hand Crafted by Veterans with PTSD in America, because it still matters. Only the finest American Sourced Materials are used in every product that is sold by Etherton Hardwoods. Only the Highest Quality Charred Wooden American Flags carry the name Etherton Hardwoods branded on the back. Each Wood Flag is hand signed by the Veteran with PTSD that made your Wooden Flag. 

If you need a special Custom Size Wooden American Flag just ask us. Our favorite word is…YES!
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