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We are so proud to have been founded by a United States Marine Corps veteran. We employ and support our veterans and a variety of vet charities. There is no substitute for American quality and craftsmanship. These rustic wooden American Flags are hand crafted to last for generations. 

Made in the U.S.A.
Etherton Hardwoods ™
312 E Wall St
Worden, IL 62097
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50" x 30” - Sword and KA-BAR Wooden Flag with USMC Blood Stripe


Sword and Ka-Bar Wall Display (2XL) 50 x 30” American Flag Natural Grain - (signature series) USMC gold EGA with NCO Blood Stripe  United States Marine Corps Sword / Saber - Scabbard / Sheath - Ka-Bar - Wall Display custom built into our 50" x 30"...

Concealed Compartment (LG) - Signature Americana Wooden USA Flags


Carved Stars - (signature series) Americana - USA Flag- Concealed Compartment  American Flag  -  with 2 Hidden Compartments and Kaizen Foam included!