(3XL) 60" x 36" Rustic Wooden Flags

Sometimes bigger IS BETTER! Etherton Hardwoods makes, any wood or rustic flag style, 3XL 60 inches by 36 inches. Working with decorators to customize that perfect rustic, charred, hand carved wooden American Flag. We are proud that we were founded by a USMC veteran. Veterans love our flags and we love making wood flags for every veteran, especially, Marine Corps Veterans. Made in the U.S.A. is proudly marked on every rustic charred wooden American Flag that we make.

The woods that we use for our flags are Spruce and Poplar. All of our wood is harvested, in an environmentally friendly way, just a few miles from Mount Rushmore in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. These are some of the finest trees, from sea to shinning sea, in the United States of America. If getting our wood, just a stones throw away, from the monument to four of our nations greatest presidents isn’t patriotic enough?

The flags are custom built by hand by a United States Marine Corps veteran owned company. We take pride in helping many of our former military members with PTSD. Woodworking has proven to be very therapeutic for these combat heroes. Wood from near Mount Rushmore and custom flags handmade by USMC veteran owned business makes your flag pretty special.

The factory where the flags are made is in central Illinois. This is a very special place because it is near the worlds largest nesting ground for, the symbol of our nation, the Bald Eagle. When visiting the factory, at various times during the year, you can see the Bald Eagles flying overhead. If that doesn’t scream, FREEDOM we don’t know what does! Could there be more?

Well, the factory is also located in the Land of Abraham Lincoln. This part of Illinois has been recognized as a National Historic Area by the Congress of the United States. In this area is where the home of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln lived from 1844 to 1861. The Lincoln home and neighborhood has been preserved and restored to as it last was during the life and times of President Lincoln.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the famous Lincoln/Douglas debates and the Lincoln family tomb, where President Lincoln today lays in rest, are all within a short distance from our factory!!

Mount Rushmore, US Marines, Bald Eagles, President Abraham Lincolnour flags are very special indeed.

USMC veteran founded Etherton Hardwoods. Veterans charities and vets matter! Thank you for supporting American Made rustic hand carved wooden USA Flags.

Wooden American Flags made by, USMC Veteran Owned, Etherton Hardwoods.
Made in the U.S.A.
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