World Famous Wood USA Flag made by Veterans in the USA
Wooden American Flag Rustic with Carved Stars handmade Veteran Owned Business
Rustic Signature Series Heritage Wooden American Flags Veteran Made Fast Shipping
World Famous Signature Series Wooden American Flag made by Veterans with PTSD at Etherton Hardwoods in the USA. Rustic Farmhouse Home Decor.
Signature Series Wooden American Flags featuring hand carved stars by USMC Veterans with PTSD. Every Flag can be customized with your logo or design.
Large 4XL Wooden Flags Signature Style Natural Grain American Flag made by Veterans in Worden, IL USA.
World Famous Wooden USA Flag Wood Rustic Farmhouse Chic Home Decor USMC Veteran Owned Small Business. Thank you for supporting American Workers and American Jobs!
Hand Carved Stars on the Signature Series Wooden American Flags at Etherton Hardwoods who are proud to have Veterans handcrafting in our American Worker Powered Factory in Worden, IL
Wood Flags Wall Art Home Decor Signature Series Flag with carved stars and every flag can be customized with your logo or design.
Nobody Ships Larger Wooden Flags than Etherton Hardwoods. Shipping all sizes of Wood Flags Nationwide. Veteran Owned Small Business. Home Decor Wall Art and Custom Gifts all made in the USA.
USA Wood Flags Framed Art Custom Gifts American Flag Clocks and Gift for Dad. Veteran Owned.

Signature Series Natural Grain - Wooden American Flag - Carved Stars


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Carved Stars - (signature series) Charred American Flag 

Charred NATURAL GRAIN wooden American Flag 


Etherton Hardwoods™  is home to the, "World Famous Wooden Flags". USMC Veteran Owned Business - Featuring Rustic Wood American Flags that have a Raised Grain and Carved Stars. We have developed a proprietary process where we can Raise the Grain of the wood, then we slow burn the face. This allows us to Char the Peaks of the Grain but NOT the Valleys or the low parts of the Grain.

We call this the, Etherton Woodworking Process.

This is our top of the line wood flag. Hardware: Hanging hardware included (hand crafted french cleat) 

NOTE: This is a “rustic” flag design. It is supposed to have minor imperfections. In the way Dolly Madison ran back into the White House, during the fire of 1812, to grab the only known painting of George Washington off the wall. It’s battle worn, it’s been burned, bloodied, torn, soiled. It has been ripped to pieces and placed back together again. It’s flawed and imperfect...yet it still stands.

Made in the USA by USMC Veteran Owned Business - Semper Fi 


With our Signature Heritage Flag we use a proprietary woodworking technique, this allows us to Char the Peaks of the Grain but not the Low Parts or the Valley of the Grain. 

We call this the, Etherton Woodworking Process™.

This is our top of the line wood flag. First the wood is slow charred. Then it’s carefully hand rubbed to bring out the natural color of the wood grain. Next, we meticulously Raise the Grain (this is when the magic happens). The texture of the wood becomes multi-dimensional and the colors fall into place on the wood as it Rises Up through the Char. At the completion of the Etherton Woodworking Process™ the wood is also naturally RESISTANT to Water and Insects. This is achieved without ANY chemicals at all. 

The Etherton Woodworking Process ™ is an ancient technique that was lost to the Ages, until the Master-craftsmen at Etherton Hardwoods™ discovered it and have now brought it back to life. There are ancient buildings throughout the world that used this technique and they are now many hundreds of years old….yet they still look as though they were built yesterday.

There are no other wooden flag company's in the world that knows how to do this process, but Etherton Hardwoods™. 

There are NO OTHER Wooden American Flags that are anything like what we do. Hands down, the Rustic Wood Flag that you purchase from Etherton Hardwoods™ is the finest Wood Flag in the World, period! This is American Flag Artwork that you will be proud to display as the centerpiece of your Home Decor. Proudly Made in the USA by the Great American Worker.

Each star is hand carved, and it is charred prior to assembly for a timeless finish. Things of quality have no fear of time. This flag is made by hand to ensure it will last for generations.  If you are looking for a treasured family heirloom, THIS IS IT.

Rustic Wooden American Flags - USMC Veteran Owned Business - Fast Shipping - Carved Stars -

The woods that we use for our flags are Spruce and Poplar. All of our wood is harvested, in an environmentally friendly way, just a few miles from Mount Rushmore in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. These are some of the finest trees, from sea to shinning sea, in the United States of America. If getting our wood, just a stones throw away, from the monument to four of our nations greatest presidents isn’t patriotic enough?

The flags are custom built by hand by a United States Marine Corps veteran owned company. We take pride in helping many of our former military members with PTSD. Woodworking has proven to be very therapeutic for these combat heroes. Wood from near Mount Rushmore and custom flags handmade by USMC veteran owned business makes your flag pretty special.

The factory where the flags are made is in central Illinois. This is a very special place because it is near the worlds largest nesting ground for, the symbol of our nation, the Bald Eagle. When visiting the factory, at various times during the year, you can see the Bald Eagles flying overhead. If that doesn’t scream, FREEDOM we don’t know what does! Could there be more?

Well, the factory is also located in the Land of Abraham Lincoln. This part of Illinois has been recognized as a National Historic Area by the Congress of the United States. In this area is where the home of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln lived from 1844 to 1861. The Lincoln home and neighborhood has been preserved and restored to as it last was during the life and times of President Lincoln.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the famous Lincoln/Douglas debates and the Lincoln family tomb, where President Lincoln today lays in rest, are all within a short distance from our factory!!

Mount Rushmore, US Marines, Bald Eagles, President Abraham Lincolnour flags are very special indeed.

Includes a custom made french cleat on the back of the flag so it has everything included to hang on your wall.

Proudly display your love for America  in your home or business with our NATURAL GRAIN Hand Carved Charred American Flag!

We are...


Etherton Hardwoods is a small Veteran Owned Business in America.

Made by American Workers in the USA, because it still matters!

Our Focus is Combat Veterans with PTSD. We hire and help them with the transition back into society.

We are Proud of America and our Great Flag. God Bless the USA!


"Amazing! Proud to hang this in my business . The American flag demonstratez we are proud and committed to support our community, first responders, Nation's veterans, active service members and their families."

"Amazing Veteran Owned Company!!!!!!! recently received my flag, i had gotten it custom carved with my name, rank and emblem and it came out super awesome, they worked with me on getting it just perfect, and it came out wonderfully!!! If you need a custom flag done i recommend Etherton Hardwoods!"


Details Matter!

USMC Veteran Owned Business - Wooden American Flags - Handcrafted by Vets with PTSD - Carved Stars - Fast Shipping - Large Flags

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World Famous Wooden American Flags

We Make Freedom!

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