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Made by USMC Veterans in the USA!

We make the, “The World’s Finest Wooden American Flags”. - Customer Service: (833) VET-MADE


Carved Stars - Raised Grain - Hand-Mixed Stains - Quality Matters

All Handcrafted Wood Flags

Patriotic Apparel

World Famous Wooden American Flags

Limited Edition Wooden American Flags

VIVID Series Wood American Flags

Americana Wooden American Flags

Battlefield Worn Wooden Flags

HUGE! 75" x 45" Wooden Flags

Vertical Wooden American Flag

Cross Wooden American Flags

Hidden Compartment Wooden Flags

Sword Holder Wall Display

A Couple of our favorite Rustic Burnt Wood Flag collections

4XL 75" x 45" Wooden Flag

Huge wooden flag

Rustic Carved Burnt Wood Flag

Wood Burned American Flag

Nascar Legend Kenny Wallace

Kenny Wallace supports, Etherton Hardwoods and our Veteran Made Wooden American Flags. Kenny, is a Great American Patriot! God Bless NASCAR and Fast Cars!