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USMC Veteran Owned - Semper Fidelis
Etherton Hardwoods is a Verified Veteran Owned Business - USMC Vet Company - World Famous Wooden American Flags made with pride by the great American Worker in the USA they employe Vets with PTSD because Combat veterans matter!

Your Purchase Supports Veterans!

Everyday in America over 22 Veterans with PTSD will commit suicide. Because of your support we are able to help these wounded warriors with the transition back into society. We have found that woodworking is therapeutic for them. These great heroes return back from war and are often forgotten and they become withdrawn from society. It is our mission to build a safe place for these military warriors to heal and get a hand up. After an integration process we are able to get these heroes used to a new routine of work and support. Our vets are proud to be serving our great country again, but in another way. By making, Old Glory! When you buy your Wood USA Flags from Etherton Hardwoods you are supporting American Jobs, Veterans and the American Dream. A portion of every purchase is also donated to a variety of Veteran and First Responder Charities. 100% Made in the USA, because it still matters! Semper Fidelis

LIMITED EDITION - Signature Series
Pledge of Allegiance Flag carved, charred, rustic, featuring our World Famous Signature Series with Natural Grain. There is nothing else like it in the world.

Each star and text is carved by our master artisans. Every detail of the wood is meticulously detailed. With our secret process we are able to char the peaks of the raised grain, but not char the lower parts of the wood. The final result is a timeless work of art.

Signature Series is our top of the line flags. For these flags we use an ancient woodworking technique. We call this the Etherton Woodworking Process™. This technique can only be completed by hand.
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We the People
Handcrafted - Carved - Veteran Made
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Army Carved Wood Flag
Carved by Veterans with PTSD!
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The First American Flag
Grand Union Wood Flag
The Grand Union Flag, also called, the Continental Colors, the Congress Flag, the Cambridge Flag, the First Navy Ensign or the Alfred Flag. The Grand Union Flag is known as the very first National flag of the United States of America. It was first raised on the colonial warship, Alfred, in the harbor of the Delaware River near Philadelphia, PA on December 3, 1775. It is believed that American Patriot, John Paul Jones, then a lieutenant of the formative Continental Navy, helped to create and hoisted this first flag of America.

The Grand Union American Flag was used by the Continental Army on its ships as a naval ensign and as a garrison flag until early 1777. History can't say for certain who made this first, Grand Union Flag, but it has been mostly credited to Margaret Manny. It is said that, General George Washington raised this flag on New Years Day, 1776 when his army was at Prospect Hill in Charlestown, near his headquarters outside of Cambridge, MA.
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First American Flag
World Famous Wooden American Flags - Gifts for Dad for Fathers Day - USMC Veteran Owned Business Rustic Home Decor

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