World Famous Wooden American Flags

Made by USMC Veterans in the USA


Patriotic Military Style Apparel - NEW!

FJB - American Flag - Hoodie

Limited Edition Design | By Request

Every Hoodie Sale helps Veterans with PTSD. It is our mission to raise awareness for these military heroes. We hope to generate enough sales so we can expand upon our daily work with Veterans with PTSD.

Let's Go Brandon - Hoodie

Limited Edition Design

The Graphic Hoodie that are made by Battlefield Freedom™ were made by Veterans with PTSD in our Freedom Factory in beautiful, Worden, IL.

We are proud to employe these heroes and help them with the transition back into civilian life. Every day in American 22 Veterans with PTSD will commit suicide.

JFB | Let's Go Brandon - Hoodie

Limited Edition Design

Made by USMC Veterans in the USA.

Soft - Comfortable - Patriotic Apparel

Every Sale helps Vets with PTSD. Thank you for supporting Veterans and American Jobs! Semper Fidelis

As Seen on TV | Battlefield Freedom™ | Exclusive Designs

FJB | Patriotic Tee

By Popular Demand

Patriotic Military Style Apparel.

Made in the USA by Veterans.

Let's Go Brandon T-Shirt

You asked for it, you Got It!

Available for a Limited Time!

Let's Go Brandon | FJB

Military Style Apparel

Made in the USA!

Every Purchase Helps Vets with PTSD

FJB - White letters version

Patriotic Tees for Patriots

Made by Veterans


Battlefield Freedom Brand

Exclusive Limited Edition!

Carved Stars - Raised Grain - Hand-Mixed Stains - Quality Matters

All Handcrafted Wood Flags

4XL LARGE Wooden American Flag 6ft 3in | GIANT US Flag

Farmhouse Country | Wooden American Flags

Pledge of Allegiance | Carved | Rustic Wood Flag

We the People Wooden American Flag

The Lord's Prayer | Wood Carved Flag

In God We Trust | American Wood Carved Flag

Signature | Natural Grain | Wooden American Flag

Americana Series

Battlefield Worn | Wooden American Flag

Battlefield Worn Series

Betsy Ross Subdued 1776 | Wooden American Flag

Thin Blue Line | Subdued Signature | American Wood Flag

NCO Blood Stripe USMC | Wooden American Flag

Semper Fi USMC | Wooden American Flag

Nascar Legend - American Patriot

Kenny Wallace Endorses Etherton Hardwoods

Kenny Wallace supports, Etherton Hardwoods and our Veteran Made Wooden American Flags. Kenny, is a Great American Patriot! God Bless NASCAR and Fast Cars!

Scrupulous attention to detail is the mantra of our artisans.

Thin Blue Line - Wooden Flags

Thin Red Line - Wooden Flags

Best Selling Wood Flags

Vertical Wooden Flags

Cross - Wooden American Flags

States - Wooden USA Flags

Gadsden - Don't Tread On Me

Historic - Wood US Flags

Wooden Flag - Patriotic Apparel

All - Patriotic Apparel

Wood Print - Home Decor

Wood Print - Wall Decor

Wooden Stickers

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Cloth - American Flags