American Made Always Comes First!

Every Wooden American Flag at Etherton Hardwoods is handcrafted by Veterans with PTSD. World Famous Wooden Flags that are Made in the USA. Etherton Hardwoods also Ships Big US Flags, our Outdoor Wooden American Flag is 70” x 42” and can be customized all you have to do is ask. The wood that we use for our Wood Flags is harvested in an environmentally friendly way from Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota, USA.


This is just a few miles from Mount Rushmore, in Rapid City, SD. You can’t find a wood flag that is more patriotic than Mt. Rushmore and Spearfish Canyon! Also, each flag is manufactured by Vets in our Freedom Factory at Etherton Hardwoods in Worden, IL USA. We are located in the President Abraham Lincoln Preservation area in Illinois.


Etherton Hardwoods is located about an hour south of the Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, IL USA. Also, our Freedom Factory is on the path of the largest breeding ground for the American Bald Eagle. Just about every day there are these wonderful symbols of the United States, the Bald Eagle flying over our manufacturing facilities in Worden, IL.


Nobody makes a more Patriotic Wooden Flags than the Military Vets at Etherton Hardwoods.